The D2Co Difference

What you can expect from D2Co. – our ‘we will’ statements:

We will leverage a consultive approach

No two people are alike and what services/products they value and require are also unique. We approach our business with a consultive mindset; meaning we ask questions and listen to gain insights, provide expert advice and information so you can make informed decisions. We strive to match the correct product to satisfy your end in mind while being both transparent and authentic. We can help you fight wasted time.

We will bring the very best products to you

Today you are faced with many product and brand offerings through various communication channels in the marketplace, several thousand a day; making it difficult if not impossible to sort out which is the best for me/my business/my customer. We strive to present to you only the best-in-class products, through testimonies, results, facts, comparisons, and personal experiences. Our Complimentary Partner approach allows us access to unique products so that we can help share them with you. Simply put, we will introduce products for your consideration that provide you enjoyment, make your life better and help you complete jobs.

We will always work hard to earn your trust

We appreciate your business and want you as a customer for life, no matter if we bridge professional services within our network. Trust is all about keeping commitments, not over promising and under delivering and following up with you to ensure complete satisfaction. Trust is continuous and cannot be taken for granted, it evolves just like the products we strive to bring to you with the intent to build on our ongoing relationships, including all our referrals and brand experts.

New Product Annoucement!

  • EVC Bollards by D2Co

    Here at D2Co we recognized the need to protect your EVCharging stations from damage and the potential of people getting hurt should their vehicle accidentally hit one, especially in parking lots.

    We have designed a sleek, surface mounted contemporary square bollard to protect EVC stations, one that augments the station’s features and supports driver visibility and asset protection. Our bollards feature ¼ “ A500 steel walls, 2” commercial grade reflective tape, EV logo, individually welded using post through ½ “ base construction, five step powder coat process and the option to brand your message.

    What this means for you is providing many years of no or low maintenance protection.

    We are extremely proud that every aspect of our product is Made in Canada.

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